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How BRC Came To Be

by David Silenzi
Boston Road Club 1981-2005

The Boston Road Club has been in existence for over 20 years and has been conducting the Wells Avenue Training series non-stop since its inception. Most New England racers can simply say are you going Wells? And nothing more needs to be said. The BRC has provided racers a training ground for both the most experienced racer to the utmost beginner for many years. This has been accomplished by providing for at least 3 level of races during the Sunday morning ritual as well as including clinics of various types and levels. This has been accomplished through the volunteer efforts of many during its long and successful existence.

How did the Boston Road Club come into existence? That has been asked and passed on for many years by its founders and early members. BRC was actually formed by an individual who regularly attended the North East Bicycle Club races at Hanscom Air Force Base. At that time, N.E.B.C. was conducting a training race and time trial in nearby Concord. The training race, a criterium, was conducted on a 1 mile loop called Tinkers Loop every Thursday night. Most of the time it did not categorized levels of races since it was in the early evenings. It was very popular and often accommodated over 100 riders a night, with Dick Ring often running the race. It was very difficult for new riders to learn and to do it safely.

After witnessing many riders falling off the back, and an increased number of crashes, Jack Chaesty decided to form the BRC, its primary mission being to help out new racers. He combined the efforts of other NEBC riders to help him with that mission. That took place one evening at TT Bears, where Chris Ryan, Simon LeVay, and David Silenzi came up with the $210 for USCF insurance for that race season. For the first couple years the founders ran the race at Wells Avenue. Attendance was sparse, as well as membership, but the club continued to grow season after season. It was not uncommon to find Chris running the race and David being the "cop" at the corner every Sunday. As for Jack, he was in the Army Medical Corps, part of the 101st Airborne, and had to leave on assignment. The last we heard from Jack he was still in the Army somewhere in the MidWest. Simon was a research scientist and worked in the Boston area hospitals. Simon did attain national attention when we saw him on National TV talking about the research he was doing on a AIDS in California.

Today BRC continues to satisfy the local riders by putting on a variety of races and functions. Wells has been attracting over 1,500 "starts" in the last several years. In the past we also had races where tandems were allowed, as well as a women's series. At one time BRC even had a mountain bike version of the race. Probably the best known BRC race, however, was the Marlboro Road Race. We actually took over this function from NEBC. The Marlboro Road Race usually attracted well over 300 racers every season from all parts of the country, not to mention the teams Canada would send down. Unfortunately the Marlboro Road Race was cancelled due to the new exit on Route 495 that entered on the fastest part of the down hill backstretch! However BRC did secure the VeryFine Road Race course recently to fulfill our race obligation. Also, new last year was the Beaver Brook Cyclecross Race, that we hope we can continue in future years. This comes only out of a real desire and hard work of the many volunteers who have helped perform the thankless tasks necessary for putting on a bike race. Not to mention the numerous sponsors that have contributed money throughout the years.

About The Boston Road Club

The Boston Road Club is a developmental bicycle racing team and club in the Metro Boston area.

The BRC organizes the Wells Ave training races, which run every Sunday from March through Labor Day. The Club also organizes an annual Cyclocross race at Shedd Park in Lowell.

Membership is open to all categories and is available in two levels which correspond to rider goals and commitments. Team membership offers benefits such as group training, Wells Ave and sponsor discounts, and group buys on consumables.