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Membership Levels

Team Memberships are for those that plan to ride/race as members of Boston Road Club.  Associate Memberships are for those that do not plan to ride/race as members of Boston Road Club, but still want to support the club and get discounted entry at Wells Ave.  See Notes below for details regarding member benefits.


Associate Membership - $30/year


•  Discounted Wells Ave entry fees

•  Eligible for Wells Ave season pass

•  Welcome to attend club meetings and events


Team Membership - $45/year


•  Includes Associate Member benefits

•  Sponsor discounts and promotions

•  Team clothing at club cost

•  Voting privileges in elections

•  Eligible for BRC Board of Directors

•  Eligible for Club Championships

•  Eligible to earn credit for BRC clothing or cash back through volunteerism

•  Eligible for race reimbursement program (based on meeting minimum level of volunteering requirements)


Team Level members must have "The Boston Road Club" listed on their USA Cycling license as their official club.

About BRC Membership

The Boston Road Club is a developmental bicycle racing team and club in the Metro Boston area.  BRC organizes the Wells Ave training races, which run every Sunday from March through Labor Day. The Club also organizes an annual Cyclocross race at Shedd Park in Lowell.  Membership is open to all categories and is available in two levels which correspond to rider goals and commitments.

Volunteer Requirements

We require volunteers throughout the season to be able to run Wells Ave and the Shedd Park Cyclocross race safely and effectively.   Without volunteers, these races wouldn’t happen.  To entice people into volunteering, Team level members earn “credit” for their volunteerism efforts.  This credit can be used to pay for team kit, or other purchases through our sponsors, or can be cashed out at the end of the season.

Race Reimbursement

  1. Applies to Team-level BRC members

  2. 3 race deductible: program is effective starting with your 4th (non-training) race of the season

  3. You must finish and register a result for the race.  If you pull out of a race before the finish, it is not eligible. Criterium resulting in DNF are similarly not eligible.

  4. Contingent on meeting minimum volunteer requirements.   Minimum requirement is that you must volunteer at least 9 races (the equivalent of three days) at Wells Ave throughout the season.  You can also volunteer at Shedd Park in the fall.

  5. 75% of entry fee reimbursable

  6. Reimbursement is capped at $400 per racer for the season.

  7. Each stage of a stage race counts as 1 race. Divide total entry fee by number of race days to determine entry fee/stage.

Wells Ave Season Passes $120

Wells Ave Season Passes are offered to BRC Members, at the Associate or Team membership level. The purchase price offers a significant discount versus paying the normal entry fee each week at Wells Ave.  Wells Ave season passes are $120/year.


Other benefits to the season pass include not having to show your USA Cycling License each week, not having to bring cash with you each week, and expedited check-in at registration. No waiting in line for Season Pass holders to register at Wells each week!  Release forms are completed in advance for season pass holders and kept in a registration book at Wells Ave.


Season pass holders must have current USAC licenses.  Passes cannot be shared or transferred.

To Join BRC, please register at