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The Wells Ave Training Criterium

Running Sundays, from March through September 2017

The Wells Ave. Training Race has a tradition dating back to 1981, helping new racers get started in the sport and helping experienced racers hone their fitness for the upcoming race season. Held as a CRITERIUM on a FLAT, SMOOTH 0.8 mile circuit with a long, wide finishing straight, Wells offers a safe and fast sprint finish. The majority of weekends will start the racing at 8am with the C race.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you call the BRC Hotline (339) 225-9588 or check Twitter @BostonRoadClub every Sunday morning to get the latest updates on the race. A decision is made by 7:00 AM on the morning of the race.

Getting To Wells Ave

Take Exit 19B from Rt 128. Take Highland Ave heading west. Turn left at the first set of lights onto Hunting Road. Turn left at the blinking light onto Kendrick St. This turns into Nahanton Street as you enter Newton. At the traffic lights, make a right onto Wells Ave. You should see a sign for the races here.

Race fees

  1. A/B Races - $17 for BRC Members, $22 for non-BRC Members

  2. C/D Races - $12 for BRC Members, $17 for non-BRC Members

  3. Juniors - $5.00

  4. Season Pass for $120. Season passes are available to Team or Associate level BRC members.

  5. 1-day USA Cycling licenses (for the C or D races ONLY) can be purchased at the registration desk for $10.00

Held Under USA Cycling Event Permit. All fees include $3 insurance charge

Racing Details


7:30    D**     12 miles    Juniors/Women    50

8:00    C       12 miles    One-day/Cat 5    50

8:45    B       24 miles    Cat 3/4          100

9:45    A       32 miles    Cat Pro/1/2/3/4  100

New Registration Process

One very important bit of information regarding Wells Ave. is that we will be changing the registration process at Wells Ave this year. Rather than just signing in our traditional registration books each week, for insurance reasons, USA Cycling is requiring that each rider fill out a USA Cycling Event Release Form each week they race. This could dramatically slow down the registration process from what you are currently accustomed to, particularly at the beginning of the day. You can help speed this process (and get through the registration line as quickly as possible) by bringing a Release Form with you. A blank form can be found below. Make plenty of copies!


Minimum prizes for A and B or A/B race is $30 for three places ($15/10/5). There are also primes awarded in the A, B, and A/B races. Per USA Cycling changes for 2006, no prizes are to be awarded in races exclusively for Category 5. This means there will be NO prizes for the C or D races. Again, this is not a Boston Road Club rule. All USA Cycling rules apply, including use of approved helmets, jerseys with shoulders and NO Aerobars are allowed.

* Race schedule applies to most weekends, except when conflicts exist. In the event of a conflict, an altered schedule will be decided on the day of the race. The race director reserves the right to combine fields or cancel races for any reason.

** ON DESIGNATED WEEKENDS ONLY, beginner Women & Juniors will race in separate races with ALL Races to follow. More details can be found below.

Note: The C race is Cat 5, B race is Cat 4 and Cat 3, A race is Cat 4 and higher. Any combined A/B race will be Cat 4 and higher. No Category 5 or 1-day licensed riders will be allowed to race in the A, B or A/B combined races. NO EXCEPTIONS. We ask that Category 3 riders race in the A race. Due to the quality of the A field, Category 4 riders, and less fit Category 3 racers, are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to race the B race during the first months of the season (field combining tends to happen later in the season). The Chief Official has the right to refuse any rider entry into any race category based on field size, weather conditions, or any other reason that he/she feels will compromise rider safety.

Poor sportsmanship, foul language, unsafe riding or violence WILL NOT be tolerated at Wells at all. The Chief Official has the right to remove a rider from a race or Wells Ave. that he/she feels demonstrates any of these conditions. Any rider that is removed from Wells Ave. will be reported to the USA Cycling Regional Director.

Late Arrivals

Regardless of the week, ALL A and B RIDERS should be prepared to race at 9:15 am!  Any rider entering a race late, whether it be 1 lap or 10 laps, MAY BE allowed to race, at the discretion of the Chief Official, but WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR ANY PRIZES.

Combining Fields

In the event of reduced rider turnout, the race director and officials MAY decide to combine races based projected entrants WITHIN 10 minutes PRIOR to the start of the B race. In general, the decision is made as follows: If we have a full page or close to a full page of B racers and are already getting A racers signing in, it's likely that we will run separate A and B races. If we don't have a full page of B racers and/or just a few A racers, then it's likely we will combine.

Automobile Traffic

The volume of traffic coming to Wells Ave. on Sunday mornings has increased over the past few years. Businesses are familiar with our event since it has been there longer than any of the tenants! As with any bicycle race, especially a training event, your safety is paramount. We have a staff of marshals to keep traffic flowing in the proper direction. You are still required to pay attention, be courteous, and keep your eyes peeled for cars on the course. If one should appear in front of the field the field is neutralized until the car exits the course. DO NOT PASS THE CARS, we do not care if there is a break up the road. If there is a car on the straight during a prime or finishing sprint, the sprint will be neutralized and the prize will be delayed one lap.

D-races/Development Sundays

Wells Ave will gear specific weekends towards special races. On these weekends, women and juniors will race in their own race. Occasionally, these races will include basic clinics prior to the D-race. Topics include equipment, training, skills, tactics, and more skills! Dates and times will be announced.


Unless otherwise noted, races follow typical schedule (C Race ‐ 8am, B Race ‐ 8:45 am, A Race ‐ 9:45 am)

Official may combine A and B races based on number of racers. A/B race begins at 9:15 am.